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We offer marketing solutions to companies across the nation — from global names and local favorites to some of the most trusted brands in the retail industry. Our customized programs are built to address your unique business challenges.

Our story began in 1912, when Roscoe C. Banker set up his accounting practice in the back room of a prominent furniture store in Detroit. In lieu of rent, the owner asked Banker to take over advertising for the store. He dreamed up innovative promotional programs that worked so well the furniture company prospered for decades in the Motor City.

Word of Banker’s advertising success quickly got the attention of other retail store owners, and soon he eliminated his accounting services to focus solely on advertising. In 1952, Harry Gilmore was hired as a salesperson, and over the next number of decades, he became the owner and grew the firm to a national operation.

In 2019, Marianne Fey acquired the marketing firm from Harry, bridging a legacy deep-rooted in furniture with her comprehensive retail marketing expertise. For the entirety of her career, Marianne has worked passionately in the retail marketing industry – supporting retailers individually, as members of marketing groups, and with their home office manufacturers. Collectively, the B&B team applies this knowledge to retailers around the country.


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